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Window & Wall Graphics Leeds


Extend your brand today onto your walls and windows with window and wall graphics from LS1 Print. Printed window graphics are a great promotional tool for your business and a great way of advertising, reaching a high target audience.


Give your windows or walls an ultra professional look with our vinyl printed graphics, customised with your design of choice. We offer digital full-colour print in long-lasting high-quality window vinyl, and we can also supply vinyl cut lettering or full-colour images.

Whether you are just using them to display your logo and contact details, or to share and make people aware of your latest offers and deals, window graphics are an excellent promotional tool for any business.

Printed window graphics can also be made to fit any size necessary, meaning you can use them to take up the majority of the glass surface and provide a really excellent promotional showcase for passers by. Windows graphics maximise your advertising space are also a great way to provide you some privacy from the outside world, but most importantly our amazing full-colour window and wall graphics are sure to grab the attention of passing customers and make them aware of your business.

Our window vinyl is made specially to be stuck on any glass surface and you can do this either externally or internally. The vinyl material and adhesive creates a permanent bond, but can also be carefully removed
without leaving marks if required. You can stick them down on the inside of the glass facing outwards from your shop or business place with the artwork facing outwards, we can customise your window graphics in any way you require.


Frosted Window Graphics

We can now also offer frosted window graphics to our customers, frosted window graphics are ideal for
creating privacy or decoration while maintaining some natural light in your workplace. They are an excellent
practical alternative to curtains and blinds and you can even have a border, pattern, logo or words cut out for
partial privacy.

Vinyl Wall Graphics

At LS1 Print we can now also offer you customised vinyl wall graphics for your business place. Wall graphics are an excellent way to brand your work place and express your companies philosophy to employees and clientele. We can make custom wall graphics for any business or workplace, no matter how big or small. Do you need custom office wall graphics for every room of your office? No problem! We can offer volume discounts for larger orders and can even provide an installation service to ensure your wall graphics look absolutely spot on.

We are well known for our attention to detail and always use the best materials. Bespoke wall graphics are important to get right and are a really exciting element of interior branding. We can help you bring your designs to life or we can even design wall graphics for you! We use a range of techniques to suit most budgets, so give us a shout and we will do our best to assist.








How we do window graphics


It all starts with the design, either for a contour cut lettering or a printed vinyl. Once our customer approves the graphics its off to production where a technician prepares the file for print, contour cut or both of them. Next step it takes part on the machine where all the magic happens,  from a digital file to a good quality product ready to be applied. After this happens its off to the next step which is trimming down and weeding depending on the case, laminating and preparing the product to be fitted. A important step in all three services is thorough cleaning of the surface on which is meant to be applied, industrial grade alcohol for metal and plastic surfaces and a high quality de-greaser for glass surfaces, this ensures a higher quality final product. After the application is done a heat post-treatment is done which ensure that adhesive of the vinyl is properly cured and brought up to its maximum potential.

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